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1. Work done is Zero for which process? Ans: Constant Volume

2. Which cycle has high efficiency? Ans: Otto Cycle

3. The power of 2 -stroke engine varies from 4 - stroke engine by______. Ans: Twice

4. Sudden reduction in barometer leads to ______. Ans: Storm

5. Composition of Stainless steel ____. Ans: Chromium, Nickel …

6. Gears are produced in mass production by ______. Ans: Hobbing

7. Pick out the wrong statements:
a) The good fuel should have high calorific value
b) Ease in storing 
c) High ignition point
d) Low smoke and gases Ans: (C)

8. Composition of Gun metal _____. Ans:

9. Gears are commonly called with _______ Ans: Pitch Circle Diameter

10. A good fuel should have ________ ignition point. Ans: Low

11. If heat supplied into the system is 30000 J/S and the power output is 9KW. What is the efficiency of system?  Ans:

12. A square rod of 2cm x 2cm of which a force of 8800Kg is acting on it. What is the stress developed in it? Ans: 2200 Kg/cm2

13. GNATT chart shows___________

14. Which is the high efficiency freezing agent? Ans: Freon 22

15. Property of the freezing agent is: Ans: Low boiling point and high melting point

16. A diesel engine, that is, slow speed engine follows which cycle? Ans: Diesel Cycle

17. Hardness is the property of _________. Ans:

18. A Rotary compressor depends on ___________.

19. The potential energy raised upwards ___________ the kinetic energy downwards. Ans: is equal to

20. Centipoise is the unit of ________. Ans: Dynamic Viscosity

21. For a thermodynamic system, the COP is 5 and the heat supplied to the system is 1 KW. What is the work done?

The Technical Aptitude questions are given to the students who cleared Aptitude test and it contains 50 questions.

After the Technical Aptitude is over, GD was conducted and the students who are short listed are allowed for Technical Interview and HR Interview.


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