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Virtusa written test Paper 2008

Paper :  Virtusa written test Paper 2008

Company Name : VIRTUSA
Hi friends Virtusa written test was conducted by merit trac. It consists of totally 5 rounds. Followed by technical and HR round. written test-2.30hrs 

1. Round-Verbal section, This section is normal like fill in with correct words etc -25 questions so you can easily manage it. 
2.Round-Analytical section,this section consists of venn dig problems,data sufficieny,cube and problems like 1=$ & 0=* what is 18/5? 
3.Round-Mental ability This is also easier one. 
4.C&Datastructures round-code is given output is asked be confident in basics 
5.Reading ability topic on new technology is given u r asked to read it 15min and then they will give some questions based on it. Thus written test is easier one you can crack it if u work well. 

Written is followed by Technical and HR Panel members were very cool,be confident in basics they need that only from you. Finally 15 was selected Iam glad to say that Iam also part of virtusa. GOD GRACE+HARD WORK=SUCCESS YOU CAN TRY IT Mythily padhmanaban

No of Rounds : Group Discussion - GD


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