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CDAC Job Interview Placement Pattern (Written & Technical)

CDAC Job Interview Placement Pattern (Written & Technical)

Below I will give some of the interview questions which thet asked to me.  i think They have an requirement in SDK so they asked questions most of them  from SDk.

1)Tell me briefly about u r BE project?
2)Tell me briefly about u r BE project?
3)What is the role of u in ur project?
4)How much u rank ur self in SDK & C++? 

When I told them about SDK like bet 6-7 then they said it is too high for  SDK ,so we will ask questions according to that?
5) What is the function of getMessage Loop?
6) What is DlgProc?
7) What is modal& modless dialogbox?give any practical example of that?which  commands r used for that?
8) Do u know about System Modal?
9) About the TranslateAccerlator?
10) What happens when any keyboard key is pressed?(abt WM_CHAR message)
11) Tell me GDI objects?
12) Abt Dwevice context?
13) Any idea abt Debug & release version?which one size is more & why ?
14) Abt static linking & dyanimic linking?
15) In dyanmic link library,which api is used for load the  library?(ans:LoadLibrary)
16) Why Dyanimic link libraries r used over static one?
17) About STL(std. template library)like container,iterator
18) WAP using template for swapping of 2 intgers?
19) Whether if we allocate the memory using 'new' & deallocated using 'free'  then what will happen?
20) Any idea abt MFC?
21) Which dlls r used for SDK?(like krne32.dll,user32.dll,gid32.dll & for what  purpose each of them is used?)

Below r some of the questions asked to my friends?
1) Abt ADo.NET? Sqldatareader,dataadapter
2) Page caching,output caching?
3) Assembly file structure in .NET?
4) Delegate & event? what isthe diff. bet evevt & delegaTE?
5) WRITE A function pointer?
6) PAGE directive in JSP page?
8) Garbage collector in java?

-- GOD will certainly help u .Be positive.


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