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DRDO Placement Paper (Interview Question)

Paper: DRDO Placement Paper (Interview Question)

Sample Interview Question:

1) Coldest planet: Ans:- Pluto

2) INS Shivali is the first:

3) Which one of the following was NOT indegineously developed?:Prithvi/Akash/Agni

4) Full form of SARS

5) Anthrax is a :Virus/Bacteria 

6) Dakshina Gangothri is:Ganga's origin/Indian camp @ antartica/.../...

7) Which of the following is a chemical weapon:Mustard Gas/Marsh Gas/.../...

8) A question based on Coding and Decoding

9)  Another question similar to above

10) Question on series completion

11) Another series completion question

12) Where is Institute of Forensic Science?: Ans:-Hyderabad

13) A G.K question based on X and Y chromosomes in males and females


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