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Wipro Technologies Interview Experience - Kolkata (20/09/2014)

I am a mechanical engineering student from Future institute of engineering and management, kolkata.

Wipro came to our college for campus placements on 19th of September 2014.

First of all, there was a pre placement seminar after which all the selections rounds were started.

Selection rounds were:

1. Group discussion:

A group of 15 members were to be formed by the students only each group was provided 15 minutes for gd session and a topic was given. Topic for my group was "reservation in India: is it good or bad?". By the group discussion they were mainly focusing on the content with good communication skills. Out of 15 students 14 were selected from my group for second round which was aptitude round.

2. Aptitude:

Selected students had there online aptitude exam which had four sections. 

1. English (25 questions, 25 minutes), 

2. Quantitative (16 questions, 16 minutes), 

3. S, 14 minutes), 

4. Computer knowledge (10 questions, 10 minutes). Selected candidates were called the next day for there technical and hr rounds of interview.

3. Technical interview:

On 20th September we were asked to fill a form with all the details that we provided on our resume, after which we had a written communication test for 10 minutes in which we were asked to write an essay on a particular topic. This was not an elimination round. This essay was to be used to ask questions in the hr round.

My technical interview took place at 3:30 pm. The interviewer asked me the obvious question of tell me about yourself and then he started to ask about computer programmings. Th e interviewer was nice but the interview felt like rapid fire round. Most of my answers were correct however I was unaware of certain questions where I said frankly that I am unaware of it. Questions were mainly from : C, C++, data structures. I was not knowing anything about java that I said there.

He then went into the HR questions and asked simply that being a mechanical engineering student why do you want to join Wipro, how will you adjust yourself with those people of cs and it branches,

What do you expect from us, won't you get bored there sitting in front of a computer for the whole day. Etc.

4. Hr interview:

Wipro in there pre placement talks told that if they were to be satisfied during our technical interview then there won't be any hr interviews and we could be directly selected or rejected from technical interview. I was one of them to be selected directly by technical interview without facing any hr interview.

However many of my friends faced the hr interview and the questions were similar to the ones I was asked in the technical interview.

At 8 pm our result was declared and I was one of them who got selected plus I didn't face any actual HR interview.

Luck can be considered as one of the great factors in my case as being a mechanical engineering student I was knowing the basics of C, C++, DS and as asked about it only but I really worked hard for this and I got my reward for my work.


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