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Hi Friends

I would like to contribute the written test held at Saveetha Engineering College, Chennai.

The recruitment drive was being held for five days and only written test was been conducted by aspiring minds. 

The pattern consists of 4 sections :
1. Reading Comprehension 
2. Aptitude 
3. Reasoning 
4. Technical comprehension. 

The test held for about 107 minutes in which each sections were divided accordingly. 

The first section consists of a passage followed by questions as this is based on English it is quite difficult. 

The second and third section consists of apts and quants as I do not remember the questions I will tell the topics in which it was covered.. Lograthmics, powers, Roots, Profit loss, ratio, mixtures, seating arrangements, finding the next number, next series alphabet, rice and milk mixture problems, directions, what is the remainder some xxxxx number divided by 17, data suffuiciency, each of the above topics consists of 2 to 3 questions friends and finally technical comprehension. A passage was given about networks and hijack on red hat Linux and technical questions were asked it was same like reading comprehension only. 

Friends it is easy to get into aspiring minds exam if you are through with the basics. This is my 20th company interview and I've been waiting for my result..


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