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HI Friends

This is my experience at the L&T Infotech placement drive at LT college, NvI MumbaI on MARCH 11, 2008

The day started off with the aptitude test. Aptitude test was very very easy.... maths was probably the easiest section.

There are 3 sections- Math, Logical Reasoning, English
English was a little tough. Maths & logic were too easy. Just study the following 2 books by R.S. Agarwal- quantitative aptitude, verbal&non-verbal reasoning.

Don't study all the topics. For topics refer to the post by Abdullah khan (On 3 Mar 2008). I don't remember them.

I do remember some topics though- permutation & combination, probability, series (maths, verbal, non verbal), time &distance, time & work, venn diagrams..... very easy.

After the aptI was the seminar (ppt). Very well conducted seminar I must say. Very interactive session. The lady expected eveyr1 to talk & interact. She even gave out pens as prizes to those who answered questions asked during the seminar. I won TWO pens! Trust me if u can win a pen, it might just give u some brownie points for the interview (if u go that far). I used the pen during my interview n the interviewer was quite impressed.

After the ppt, they declared the results of the apti within 30 mins & told us to for the GD immediately.

I was in batch 4. There were 15 students-all boys.

The man conducting our GD 1st asked if any1 was nervous & why? Then he asked us if we wanted an extempore or a GD. We decided 2 have a GD. He asked to suggest some topics. We did that. Then he told us his own topic- "advertisement is a wasteful expenditure". And he told us to start a DEBATE!!!! He formed the groups himself. I had to speak FOR the statement. That means I had to somehow prove that advertisement is a waste of money even though I believed otherwise.

The debate went on for God knows how long (who keeps track of time). He then stopped us & asked to talk individually on the topic for about a min. This time we could talk FOR or AGAINST.

Then he called out 2 names randomly (1 from FOR & 1 from AGAINST) and asked them to debate for about 2-3 mins.

After all this it finally got over. He told us that he wasn't very happy with the debate. But he still shortlisted 7 people for the interview (2 from FOR and 5 from AGAINST).

We were then asked to fill up forms. Now this is the most important part. Whatever u write in ur form, all questions will be asked from that. So fill it up very very carefully. Try and fill up all columns if possible. Of course, don't lie about projects. Other than that, try not to leave anything empty.

At around 4 pm I was called in. I was 1 of the 1st ones to be called in. The interviewer was a lady. She asked me to sit down.

This was a mistake I made. I had not filled up many columns in my form like achievements to date. My extra curricular activities was almost empty as well. She asked me why it was so empty. I told her that there was nothing else to fill up. She asked how come I don't have any achievement to date. I made up 1 at that time and told her. She asked me write it. I wrote it with the pen I had won in the morning. She asked me how I won it and I told her. She was very impressed especially when I told her that I had won not 1 but 2 pens.

She then asked me questions on my academic qualifications, my career goals, why L&T should employ me to which I replied that I will work my socks off for L&T and that they will always get a 100% from me and also that i'm ready to learn.

She asked me if had ever been any sort of a leader at school level to which I replied no. Then she asked if I had led at coll level to which I said yes (pct sem5- I was the leader). Then asked me how come I never led a team at school level but I led one in college? To this I said that because I live in a hostel these days, i've become more of an extrovert and my confidence to speak to people has increased. She was quite impressed.

In the form I had mentioned that L&T has a perfect mixture of professionalism & fun at work. She asked why fun at work is important? I told her that it is important to relax ur mind & not just work 24/7. Then she gave me scenario where i'm a project manager & I have to work continuosly for several weeks without a break. How would I cope with it? I told her that I can cope with it if its important work but only to a certan extent. Then she asked me to what extent will I be able 2 cope with it? I told her that till I have a mental breakdown I will cope with it. I wont let my professional life affect my personal life in any way.

I don't remember any more questions. But she was very cool n calm. So I wasn't nervous at all. Just talk confidently n u'll get the job for sure.

In the end she asked me if I had any question for her. I asked if they had a separate batch for non IT/COMPS students during training to which she replied no. Then she asked me for my marksheet copies and asked me to go and wait outside. I came out around 4.30 pm. The result was declared at 9 pm!!!!! But it was worth the wait in the end.


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