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Nucleus Placement Paper Technical Aptitude Questions

Paper :  Nucleus Placement Paper Technical Aptitude Questions

Technical Aptitude Questions:
sample multiple choice questions from Nucleus software india placement test paper held at HBTI Institute Kanpur, UP (Uttar Pradesh)

Technical Test Questions: (Written test multiple choice questions - mcq type)
What is the common standard naming convention of checkbox
a) CHB
b) CHK
c) CHX
d) CBX
ans: a (may be different..plz check)

We have something like Global functions in JAVA, they are called as ?..
a) class
b) package
c) file
d) include
ans: b

Which OS does not supports Networking?
a) Windows 95
b) Linux
c) Windows 3.0
d) Unix
ans: c

Normalization is considered to be complete when it is in
a) Second Form
b) Third Form
c) First Form
d) None
ans: d

Which of the following statement is true
Table in a database can have
a) One Non-Clustered Index and Many Clustered Indexes.
b) One Clustered Index and Many Non-Clustered Indexes.
c) One Index each of Clustered and Non-Clustered Index.
d) None

C++ / C language test question:

C++ is similar to that of C in following ways
a) C++ has classes
b) Supports Inheritance
c) File Handling
d) None
ans: c

Which is not the most important & widely used form of Normalization ?
a) Boyce-Codd Normal Form
b) Second Form
c) Third Form
d) Royce-Codd Normal Form
ans: d

Which of the following keyword is used to exit unconditionally from the batch?
a) go
b) return
c) Begin & End
d) Commit Tran

What is the function of assembler?
a) To convert assembly language to machine language.
b) To convert machine language to assembly language.
c) To convert high level language to?
ans: a

A company has closed down its advertisement dept and is now getting all advertisement done by an Ad-Agency. All 20 people working in the dept has quit the job. The dept to which an employee belonged was stored in the ?cdept? attribute of ?emp? table. Which of the following statement would be used to do the changes in the ?emp? table
a) Alter Table
b) Drop Table
c) Delete Table
d) Truncate Table
ans: b(plz check)

Check the error in the following statement
Country[7] = ?CANADA?
a) A string terminator is not added to the string, when declared.
b) Country array should be of six
c) Canada should be specified in double quotes.
d) Country array should have the keyword char to ensure array type.
ans: c

Linda wants to obtain the nearest integer of a numeric ex-pression for some calculation purpose. Which mathematical
function will she use:
a) Round
b) ABS
c) About
d) None
ans: a

Pseudocode is a
a) set of Instructions to perform a particular task
b) is a formalized graphic representation of program logic.
c) is a algorithm expressed in a simple language
d) Both A & C
ans: d

Why is a Modulo operator used?
a) It is used to determined the remainder, when an integer is
divided by another.
b) It is used to calculate the percentage
c) It is used to determine the factorial of a number.
d) It is used as a relational operator.
ans: a

if f(n)=n+ f(n-1) and f(0)=1 then f(5)=?
ans: c


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