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Cummins India - Interview Experience, 30/7/2011

Hi all, I attended cummins india interview,

at walachand college of engg. sangali

That was my 1st attempt for placement
just one day before we come to know that tomorrow cummins will coming for recruitment.
i prepared my resume at 7 pm one day before

that recruitment was only for mechanical girls 
aptitude include both technical que as well qunty.
each 30 with negative marking of 0.25
time 60 mins
aptitude was not so difficulty technical  from all basic subjects

from 60 girls 15 passed aptti.(i m one of them)

in technical interview 
interviewer:good morning
i:good afternoon sir (3.30pm)
interviewer:i ask u one basic que r u able to relocate to jamshedpur,baramatti
interviewer:your interest
i : design ,
interviewer: can i say you r not interesting in cooking
i: no i having interest in cook also
interviewer: what u can cook
i: puri bhaji
interviewer:it is very comman
i; puran poli
interviewer;who is ur HOD 
i Mr----------
but i have given wrong answer 

they come to know that 
then some basic que from design
like after heating rod what is its elongation
BMD of simple candilever beam

then some que on hobby they ask me on trick que in volleyball match when one player doing serve how many players r in ground
i answerd 5 but actually ans was 11
6 from other side

as i my resume was prepared by my friend he mentioned about msword and excel and they ask ques on that also but i was unable to answer those hard que and that give my bad impression and also th
dont mention any thing that u cant answer

this was worst interview of my life.
i have done lots of mistakes in that
1.hod name
3.ms word and excel
and wrong BMD dia 
4.unable to ans difference bteen pure water and in fuel cell

dont do this type of silly mistakes i loose the great chance but
i havent loose my confidence and i was selected in next company  "TCS"

best luck for u


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