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First Round :  Aptitude (30 Question Time-60 Min. 50% Passmark):
a) English (2 passage, 1 was from Barron's GRE, Example on the FrontPages)
b) Quantitative (pipes, average, co-ordinate geometry)
c) Logical (blood relations, puzzle) 

Second Round : GD (mine was BPO in India) other topics was Honesty is not always the best policy:

Third Round : 

We had 2 days of HR + Tech (1 was on 25th and other one on 23rd)
Tell me about yourself.
Project (I told about my project which i did on VB & SQL Server)
What your Project did? & Nothing else.

4) On next day
tell me about yourself
He asked me whether i have been to Gangtok. I said no.
Then he asked what is MCA all about? Answered
do you have any problems of shifting any where in INDIA?
If I give u something to do with .NET wht u will do? Are u willing to work on .NET? I said why not.
then what is DBMS?
What is DDL, DML?
He asked me to write Query.

Maximum salary of employee, 2nd max salary of employee. He told me to explain the Query as I had Done a silly mistake. When explaining I corrected it.

For GD u don't need to be fluent & speak out correct English. Express Urself with some pts in it. Be calm, composed and clear. and for HR be yourself that is project yourself what u r to them. Technical he hasn't asked me much. but 2 others they have asked a lot. searching algo, C++, C, DBMS. one was asked to translate the Java's class to C.

Read Data Structure, DBMS & C. For Aptitude, RS Agarwal (Quantitative Aptitude) And Barron's GRE is enough.


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