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Hi Friends

This is Sunil Kraplani from L.N.C.T. BHOPAL. I got placed in Capgemini a great software company on 22nd Sep 2008. This was a close campus at L.N.C.T. Bhopal.

Selection Procedure consist of four rounds:
1. Online written test
2. GD

There was about 250 students appeared for campus.
Written-105 cleared
GD-35 cleared
TECH.-14 cleared
HR-13 finally selected

1. Written Test: 

This test is of two sections:

1. Aptitude (25 questions): they are little bit tough. some questions were from previous papers not more than 4 questions. prepare by R.S. AGRAWAL.

2. Analytical: this section was more tough. mainly concept of R.S. AGRAWAL level was high.
5-6 questions from relation.
5-6 questions from prediction.
8 questions from data sufficiency

2. GD: In GD there are 105 students. they divided 7 groups of 15 students each. my topic was “who is ultimate don Abhitabh or Shahrukh”
some other topic’s was “mercy killing”, ”is china threat to India” they gave us 1 minute each to speak then open a GD. Try to speak good in 1 minute then enter atleast 3 times in GD with confidence.

3. TECHNICAL INTERVIEW: In tech there are five panels who clears technical can go HR interviw.
Question ask to me was-mainly from .net like
1.what is radio button
2.drop down list
4.concept of oops
5.diff. bet. Array  & link list.
6.about project and training.

4. HR: It was very easy; questions are
1.tell me something about yourself.
2.2 puzzles I solved both but I was confused in 1.
3.my hobbies
4.family background.

HR interview was a formality the game was upto technical only. So be confident. This was my 15th company but finally it was best of the 15 companies. Good luck. Package was 2.75lakh/anum.


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