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ADP Pattern & Interview 18 June 2006

Paper: ADP Pattern & Interview 18 June 2006

I've attended ADP WALK-IN (Consistent 70% is the cutoff) on 18th JUNE-2006. The reporting time is 10am. I reached the center by 9:50am. But there are already 3000+ aspirants. So my advice is to reach center (especially in case of Wilkins) 1-2hrs prior.

1st round they adopted to filter out such huge number of students is : English Fluency test in which HR's will asks you some questions like- Introduce ur self, What's ur project is all about, What's ur role in that project, Strengths & Weaknesses.etc In this round they selected 800 exactly out of those 4000+ .

All these 800 are sent to written test rooms ( 8rooms each of 100 seating). Written test is for 1:30 mints which comprises of

1) QUANTITATIVE (Arithmeticmainly from RS.AGARWAL),
2) VERBAL (correct use of grammar, GRE words..etc),
3) Simple C programs and theory questions on C (for eg: Whats the specific use of EXTERN INT in C )
4) Lengthy C Programmes (You need a serious preparation to attempt this section, that much tough are those programs)

In this round they selected only 150-200 students out of those 800.

Third round I faced was HR. In this HR will asks some questions about ur family background, and some metal testing questions like : "What will you do if ur higher authority person would do SEX HARASSMENT with ur one of the colleague?  And they will mainly see the discipline, obedience etc.

 Finally 100 people are sent for final interview (TR+HR). It is mainly Technical Round only where in which you are going to face questions like :

1)How do you define CONSTANT in C?
2)Define VARIABLE?
3)Function calling procedures? and their differences? Why should one go for Call by Reference?
4)Difference between STRUCTURE and UNION?
5) What's the special use of UNIONS?
6)What is a pointer? What is meant by recursion?
7)Can you write a programme for FACTORIAL using recursion?
8)What is LINKED LIST? How can you access the last element in a linked list?


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