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Accenture Interview Experience - Mumbai, September 16, 2014

Hi all, I had attended the accenture interview through campus.

I am an electronics student.

The procedure consisted of :

1) Online Aptitude Test.
2) Interview.

1) Online Aptitude Test:

It consisted of 3 sections : 

- Verbal reasoning, 
- Quantitative questions 
- Logical reasoning.

Each section has separate time. Overall the test was 55 questions in 60 minutes.

Time was very crucial since it was really less. Questions were not very tough but do practice quantitative problems of sets, probability etc. Verbal section tests your speed really hard.


Probability, sets, percentage, number series.


Comprehension, Selecting appropriate words to fill in blanks.


Similarity, Syllogism.

After apti we had official presentation by the HR followed by documentation (filling forms etc). Then we had a group interview with 5 in each.

2) Interview:

A) Tell your name and one thing you hate.
B) what are your views on the media creating hype about certain news.
C) Does the media give unbiased news.
D) If you are made the commissioner of police for a day what change will you bring for protection of women.
E) What do you think is difference between IBM and Accenture.

They may also give you topics and expect an extempore from you. Prepare well for general questions and do visit the website.

After my interview the result came the same day and I was placed!

Hope this helps for those preparing for Accenture.

All the best!


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