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BSNL GE-JTO Recruitment Examination - 3

BSNL GE-JTO Recruitment Examination
(Paper - 3)

101. As daring goes with temerity same way clear-sighted with ?
a. )Perspicacity
b.) Impulsiveness
d. )Clemency

102. A man who visits his friend is a ?
a. )Host
b. )Guest
c. )Master
d.) Owner

103. Zealot is ?
a. )beginner
b.) Patron
c.) fanatic
d.) Murderer

104 Give the plural of ?Mouse? ?
a. )Mouse?s
b). Mice
c). Mouse
d). None

105. Find the part of speech of the underlined word ?
Shama and Radha were playing together.
a. )Preposition.
b. )Noun
c. )Conjunction.
d) Verb.

106. Which of the following is not one of the multiple names of ganesha?
a). Vinayaka
b). Lambodra
c.) Ekadanta
d.) Vighneshwara
e. )all of the above

107. If a man weighs 60 Kilograms on earth, how much will be his weight on the moon?
a. )50 kg
b. )40 kg
c. )20 kg
d. )10 kg

108. The only Indian star selected for waxing at the famous Madame Tussaud?s wax is-
a. )Salman Khan
b. )Amitabh Bachan
c. )ShahRukh Khan.
d. )Raj Kapoor

109 Rate of gowth of per capita income in India drops down to ? percent in 2000-2001-.
a. )5.3 percent
b. )3.5 percent
c. )4.8 percent
d. )8.4 percent

110. Ascorbic acid is the chemical name of-
a. )Vitamin A
b. )Vitamin B
c. )Vitamin C
d.) Vitamin D

111. All India Muslim League was founded by-
a. )Nawab Slimullah Khan
b. )Sir Mohd Iqubal
c.) Sir syed Ahmed Khan
d.) Moulana Shaukat Ali

112. Red Blood corpuscles are formed in-
a. )Marrow
b.) Kidney
c). Liver
d). heart

113. The southern most tip of India is in-
a. )Lakshadweeep
b.) Kanya Kumari
c. )Andaman and Nicobar Islands
d. )Rameswaram

114 The first bowler in cricket history to take 500 test wickets is-
a.) Imran Khan
b). Courtney Walsh
c). Shane Warne
d.) Muttiah Murlidharan

115 President of the National Consumer Disputes Redress al Commission (NCDRC) is-
a.) Mr. D.C Wadhwa
b). Mr. A. P Wadhwa
c.) Mr. A. C Wadhwa
d.) Mr. D. P Wadhwa

116. C.V. Raman got Nobel Prize for-
a. )Themodynamics
b.) Quantum theory
c. )Optics and spectroscopy
d.) Nuclear Physics

117. First governor general of Bengal-
a). Lord Clive
b.) Lord warren Hastings
c. )Lord Lytton
d.) Lord Ripon

118. The slogan ?Do or Die? is associated with-
a.) Subhash Chandra Bose
b.) Gandhigi
c.) Harijan
d.) Satyagraha

119. Champaran is in the state of-
a). Gujarat
b). Maharashtra
c.) Bihar
d). Madhya Pradesh

120. These tribes are found in central Asia-
a. )Garos
b. )Kirghiz
c.) Lushai
d). Santhals


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