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BPL Placement Paper Pattern Part - 2

Paper : BPL Placement Paper Pattern Part - 2

 The office staff of XYZ corporation presently consists of three bookeepers--A, B, C and 5 secretaries D, E, F, G, H. The management is planning to open a new office in another city using 2 bookeepers and 3 secretaries of the present staff . To do so they plan to seperate certain individuals who don't function well together. The following guidelines were established to set up the new office.
I. Bookeepers A and C are constantly finding fault with one another and should not be sent together to the new office as a team
II. C and E function well alone but not as a team , they should be seperated
III. D and G have not been on speaking terms and shouldn't go together
IV Since D and F have been competing for promotion they shouldn't be a team.

 1.If A is to be moved as one of the bookeepers,which of the following cannot be a possible working unit.

Ans : B

 2.If C and F are moved to the new office,how many combinations are possible

Ans : A

 3.If C is sent to the new office,which member of the staff cannot go with C

Ans : B

 4.Under the guidelines developed,which of the following must go to the new office

Ans : A

 5.If D goes to the new office,which of the following is/are true
I.C cannot go
II.A cannot go
III.H must also go

A.I only
B.II only
C.I and II only
D.I and III only

Ans : D

 2.After months of talent searching for an administrative assistant to the president of the college the field of applicants has been narrowed down to 5--A, B, C, D, E .It was announced that the finalist would be chosen after a series of all-day group personal interviews were held.The examining committee agreed upon the following procedure
I.The interviews will be held once a week
II.3 candidates will appear at any all-day interview session
III.Each candidate will appear at least once
IV.If it becomes necessary to call applicants for additonal interviews, no more 1 such applicant should be asked to appear the next week
V.Because of a detail in the written applications,it was agreed that whenever candidate B appears, A should also be present.
VI.Because of travel difficulties it was agreed that C will appear for only 1 interview.

 1.At the first interview the following candidates appear A,B,D.Which of the follwing combinations can be called for the interview to be held next week.

Ans : B

 2.Which of the following is a possible sequence of combinations for interviews in 2 successive weeks

Ans : C

 3.If A ,B and D appear for the interview and D is called for additional interview the following week,which 2 candidates may be asked to appear with D?
I. A

A.I and II
B.I and III only
C.II and III only
D.III and IV only

Ans : D

 4.Which of the following correctly state(s) the procedure followed by the search committee
I.After the second interview all applicants have appeared at least once
II.The committee sees each applicant a second time
III.If a third session,it is possible for all applicants to appear at least twice

A.I only
B.II only
C.III only
D.Both I and II

Ans : A

A certain city is served by subway lines A,B and C and numbers 1,2 and 3.

 When it snows , morning service on B is delayed
When it rains or snows , service on A, 2 and 3 are delayed both in the morning and afternoon
When temp. falls below 30 degrees farenheit afternoon service is cancelled in either the A line or the 3 line, but not both.
When the temperature rises over 90 degrees farenheit, the afternoon service is cancelled in either the line C or the
3 line but not both.When the service on the A line is delayed or cancelled, service on the C line which connects the A line, is delayed.When service on the 3 line is cancelled, service on the B line which connects the 3 line is delayed.
 1. On Jan 10th, with the temperature at 15 degree farenheit, it snows all day. On how many lines will service be affected, including both morning and afternoon.
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4
(D) 5

Ans :  D

 2. On Aug 15th with the temperature at 97 degrees farenheit it begins to rain at 1 PM. What is the minimum number of lines on which service will be affected?
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4
(D) 5

Ans :  C

 3. On which of the following occasions would service be on the greatest number of lines disrupted.
(A) A snowy afternoon with the temperature at 45 degree farenheit
(B) A snowy morning with the temperature at 45 degree farenheit
(C) A rainy afternoon with the temperature at 45 degree farenheit
(D) A rainy afternoon with the temperature at 95 degree farenheit

Ans :  B

 In a certain society, there are two marriage groups, red and brown. No marriage is permitted within a group. On marriage, males become part of their wives groups; women remain in their own group. Children belong to the same group as their parents. Widowers and divorced males revert to the group of their birth. Marriage to more than one person at the same time and marriage to a direct descendant are forbidden
 1. A brown female could have had
I. A grandfather born Red
II. A grandmother born Red
III Two grandfathers born Brown

(A) I only
(B) III only
(C) I, II and III
(D) I and II only

Ans :  D

 2. A male born into the brown group may have
(A) An uncle in either group
(B) A brown daughter
(C) A brown son
(D) A son-in-law born into red group

Ans :  A

 3. Which of the following is not permitted under the rules as stated.
(A) A brown male marrying his father's sister
(B) A red female marrying her mother's brother
(C) A widower marrying his wife's sister
(D) A widow marrying her divorced daughter's ex-husband

Ans :  B

 4. If widowers and divorced males retained their group they had upon marrying which of the following would be permissible ( Assume that no previous marriage occurred)
(A) A woman marrying her dead sister's husband
(B) A woman marrying her divorced daughter's ex-husband
(C) A widower marrying his brother's daughter
(D) A woman marrying her mother's brother who is a widower.

Ans :  D

 5. I. All G's are H's

 II. All G's are J's or K's
III All J's and K's are G's
IV All L's are K's
V All N's are M's
VI No M's are G's

 Q1. If no P's are K's which of the following must be true
(A) No P is a G
(B) No P is an H
(C) If any P is an H it is a G
(D) If any P is a G it is a J

Ans :  D

 2. Which of the following can be logically deduced from the stated conditions
(A) No M's are H's
(B) No H's are M's
(C) Some M's are H's
(D) No N's are G's

Ans :  D

 3. Which of the following is inconsistent with one or more conditions
(A) All H's are G's
(B) All H's are M's
(C) Some H's are both M's and G's
(D) No M's are H's

Ans :  C

 4. The statement "No L's are J's" is
I. Logically deducible from the conditions stated
II Consistent with but not deducible from the conditions stated
III. Deducible from the stated conditions together with the additional statements "No J's are K's"

(A) I only
(B) II only
(C) III only
(D) II and III only

Ans :  D


 What is meant by polymorphism
Ans :  Redfinition of a base class method in a derived class

 What is the essential feature of inheritance
Ans :  All properties of existing class are derived.

 What does the protocol FTP do
Ans :  Transfer a file b/w stations with user authentification

 In the transport layer ,TCP is what type of protocol
Ans :  Connection oriented.

 Why is a gateway used
Ans :  To connect incompatible networks.

 How is linked list implemented
Ans :  By referential structures.

 What method is used in Win95 in multitasking?
Ans :  Non preemptive check.
 What is meant by functional dependency?

What is a semaphore?

Ans :  A method synchronization of multiple processes
 What is the precedence order from high to low ,of the symbols ( ) ++ /
Ans : ( ) , ++, /

 Preorder of A*(B+C)/D-G
Ans : *+ABC/-DG

 B-tree (failure nodes at same level)
   Dense index (index record appers for every search -key in file)

 What is the efficiency of merge sort
Ans :  O(n log n)
 A program on swaping ( 10,5 )was given  in which layer are routers used

 Ans :  In network layer

 In which layer are packets formed ( in network layer )
 heap ( priority queue )
 Copy constructor ( constant reference )

 26.Which of the following sorting algorithem has average sorting behavior -- Bubble sort,merge sort,heap sort,exchange sort
Ans :  Heap sort
 In binary search tree which traversal is used for getting ascending order values--Inorder ,post order,preorder
Ans : Inorder

 What are device drivers used for
Ans : To provide software for enabling the hardware
 Irrevalent to unix command ( getty)
    What is fork command in unix
Ans :  System call used to create process

 What is make command in unix
Ans :  Used forcreation of more than one file
 In unix .profile contains
Ans :  Start up program
 In unix echo is used for ( answer C)
   In unix 'ls 'stores contents in
Ans :  inode block


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