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BHEL Job Interview Paper for Engineer Trainees- 2008 (Bangalore)

They have called people in morning and afternoon shifts,  nearly 15-16 people per shift. We were asked to bring interview call-letter,  biodata form, TA form, all original mark-sheets and one Xerox copy of all. When  we reached the venue, first they verified all documents. SC/ST people have to  show original caste certificate. They have a list of central reserved castes and  your caste serial no. will be verified with that. The traveling allowance will  paid there itself to all. After that we were made to sit and wait for our turns.

About Biodata form "
They will post it in web site, it has all relevant information about you similar  to a resume, (so we do not need any resume there) like your name, address, all  semester marks details, 10-12th marks, college, area of interest, main subjects  in semesters, your current job profile, have you appeared for any other govt./PSU  exams etc.

While preparing for interview, everybody told me to stress on technical and  final year project and for HR questions, but that proved wrong. My timing was in  the afternoon shift at 2 pm, and I was called nearly at 3.30 pm. There were 3  people in the panel. They seem to be very experienced ones.

They started with the question "
Q. Why I want to join BHEL.
Though I was not prepared for this question, as I was expecting technical  questions, but I tried answering that I always wanted to join BHEL, I am very  adjustable, and I can perform well in the areas in which they will train me. But  the people were not much satisfied; they also asked me to give a solid example  for my adjustability.

Q. They asked about my family, father's job, brother-sisters etc..
The people seem to be very lenient while asking, infact some-times I felt  that they are not taking any interview. We were simply chatting, laughing in the  interview room.

Q. Next they asked what preparations I have done for the interview.
I told I have checked the BHEL's site and collected some information about  it. Next I have prepared my area of interest i.e. Digital electronics. My 2nd  area of interest was Microprocessors 8085 and they started with that.

Q. What do mean by 8085.
I told it's the serial no. of the device given by the company Intel. But they  were not satisfied and told it must have some meaning. I told may its 8 because  it's a 8-bit processor and about other digits no idea.

Q. How many types of microprocessors do we have?
I told 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit.

Q. Do we have any 64 bit processor?
I never heard of it so told so.

Q. What is RISC/CISC?
I answered RISC is reduced instruction set computing and CISC is complex  instruction set computing.

Q. What's the difference between them?
I told RISC is generally used for high speed switching operations and CISC  is for general purpose like 8085.

Q. Do we use microprocessors nowadays?
I told we generally go for microcontrollers these days.

Q. What are microcontrollers?
I said it has memory inbuilt in it apart from microprocessor architecture.

Q. What do you think the CPU we use has microprocessor in it.
I told it has but not only microprocessor. It has other components also.

Q. What do you think the other components are?
The answer of this question doesn't click me there so I told no idea.

Q. What do think Pentium uses RISC or CISC?
I was not sure with this so answered we can use RISC

Q. They told don't tell we can, what we exactly use
I told truly that specifically I don't know.

They stopped with this. I felt that they were not very specified with some  questions but the best part was I never go nervous and maintained a smile  through-out. They have not at all mentioned about final year project or any  other curriculum subject. My advice to electronics people is " try having a  different area of interest other than microprocessors because in my batch some  7-8 electronics people came for interview all having same microprocessor as area  of interest. The people got little bugged up with and asked some people don't  you have some different subjects.


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