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Atos Origin Interview Experience - Pune, October 26, 2015

After clearing aptitude which was scheduled week before which comprised of (Logarithm, P&C, fraction, time and distance, time and work, Percentage, Ratio and Proportion, Probability, etc). If this topics from R.S. Agrawal are covered then you can definitely clear the aptittude test.


Technical round was for about 40-45 minutes.

1) It all started with discussion over college Project.

2) Database queries, Raising exception (through database and jdbc).

3) Logic if query not found then writing to log file.

4) Difference between current and Previous version of java.

5) Complete oops concept. Please be completely prepared with realtime example and use of oops concept in program and program to illustrate inheritance (overloading and Overriding).

6) Difference between abstraction and interface.

7) Exception Try, catch and finally.

8) Difference between list and set.

9) Why is String immutable.

Above topics are enough to crack the interview.

HR Round:

1) Educational Background.

2) Relocation.

3) Information about Company.


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