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Atos Interview Experience - November 2014

Hello everyone I would like to share my interview experience with Atos India. As I know aptitude exam is a nightmare for many freshers but if one have self confidence one can defeat it. So about selection process.

First round:-Group Discussion.

Guys please be confident while talking in gd, because they only judge your interaction skills in Gd.

Second Round:-Aptitude Test.

This section consist 3 parts as follows.

1) Quantitative :-Percentage, Boat and Streams, Train Problem, Probability, Permutation and Combination and other related stuff.

2) Reasoning :-Series completion, Logical Deduction, Direction, Ages, Blood Relation.

3) English:-Sentence Correction, Logical Arrangements of sentence, Synonyms, Reading Comprehension.

Third Round:-Interview (Technical+Hr):

Me:- May you come in sir.

Sir:- Yes come in and take your sit.
Me:- Thank You Sir.

Sir:- Tell Me About yourself.
Me:- My Name is. Then family background, hobbies.

And other relevant information.

Sir:- Ok you did projects in Mca.
Me:- Yes sir.

Sir:- Explain it.
Me:- I explained one project.

Sir:- Ok it's good.
Sir:- Are you ready to relocate, work in shifts?
Me:- Yes sir (Always say yes).

And my interview over. Guys please be honest with them and do not try to bluff them. Prepare your cv fully specially projects you mentioned. Be calm and relax while answering questions. So wish you all the best and I hope this information may help you to commence your career.


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