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Atos Interview Experience - Mumbai, December 19, 2013

Hello Everyone Out There.

Below is my Int Exp For the Post Of Technical Support (SAP) in Atos India.

The Interview was commenced with:

1) Aptitude.
2) Essay Writing. 
3) GD.
4) HR.
5) Technical.

1st Round:

Aptitude which was normal.
100 questions with 1 hr 20 mins in hand.
Normal Apti just read the RS Agarwal which is enough for clearing Aptitude.

2nd Round:

Essay Writing:

I got Topic as "IT a boon or a Curse".
I wrote and explained briefly in paper within 15 mins.

3rd Round:

Group Discussion:

In GD we all were split in groups. Groups consist of 5 people.
Our Group was 2nd so I was really very afraid about what to tell.

But I noticed one thing the people only look at your confidence level the way you speak the way you describe and everything.

Don't worry just speak what you know about that topic and be confidence for what you speak.


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