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Aricent Interview Experience - Delhi, September 02, 2014

The Company visited our campus on 2nd of September 2014. The whole process took 3 days.

DAY 1.

Our Interaction with the company began with a brief presentation about ARICENT, what it's all about, it's projects and regular stuff. They told the eligibility criteria as follows:-

B. Tech CSE, ECE, E&I and MCA students were eligible to apply who had CGPA=>6.5 and 12th, 10th %age >=60 and Trust me guys they took this seriously.

Around 1200 students were eligible to sit for written test conducted by AMCAT.

It had 5 sections--> Computer Programming, English, Quant. , Logic. And Computer Science for CSE and MCA students and for ECE students apart from Eng. Quant. And Logic there were 2 of their core subjects (I really don't remember).

There were sectional cut off also.

DAY 2.

The result came out and 221 were shortlisted for the next process which consists of technical round (Elimination was there) and HR.

DAY 3.

Our Interview started at 9.00 AM, my turn came at 2:30PM. They were grilling us properly on our technical and logical side.

Some common question. Asked were from.

1. C (Macro, Linked List, Header Files, Structure-Unions, DMA, sorting).

2. DBMS (Normalization{all NF's}, Diff. Types of queries, SQL joins etc. ).

3. DCCN (OSI, TCP/IP, Protocols, Func.of each layer).

4. Logical Questions (Problem solving ex. 9 balls out of one is defective type, Water-Bucket Problem etc. ).

5. Basic UNIX Commands.

6. Some Programs were also given on Linked list and Macros.

7. OS (Semaphore, Critical Section Problem, Deadlock, System calls and regular stuff).

My Interviewer was very much serious about what you mention in your RESUME so GUYS please mention only those things that you know thoroughly O/W Aricent Guys would easily make you screw up your Interview.

I don't remember the exact figure, I think around 90 made it to the last round. It was an HR round. My HR went very smooth. He asked me about my technical interview exp., some general questions, critical incident problems, location preference, hobbies and it went on like that.

Results came on next day and 80 students were finally selected and by GOD GRACE I was one of them, felt very proud on that day.

See you at ARICENT--Engineering Excellence. Sourced.


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