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Aricent(through Almamate) - Walkin, LPU March, 2014

Hello guys I have attended aricent walk in through almamate at lpu jalandhar. Basic criteria was 75% aggregate in passing degree with no backlogs. It consists of following process.

1. Written test.
2. Almamate technical interview.
3. Aricent technical interview.

Written test was easy consists of basic work and time, time and distance, number series, basic English, next number finding and programming puzzles. For written test RS Aggarwal is more than enough. But test was lengthy about 100 min. For programming puzzles read books by yashwant kanetkar on c and pointers.

2. Almamate interview (technical) this round was crucial. I entered inside room that guy gives me 4 programs without asking anything. I was shocked. Programs were implement.

1. Radix sort with arrays.
2. Bubble sort.
3. Deque with arrays.
4. Merge sort.

I wrote 3 programs in java. After that guy asked me to explain these programs. Guys please read data structure and algorithms for this round. Then he asked me about c language, given two programs and asked output.

This was just a trailer, next day aricent interview was toughest in my life.

They were asking mainly about ds, C programming language, programs, stacks, linked list, deque, tree, OS. 

Guys please take this interview seriously this is not going to be easy one focus on C and DS. All the best.


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