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ADP Pattern & Interview 24 OCT 2007

The pattern of the Interview is as follows:-

1.Written test
2.Two technical interviews and
3.One HR

It contained 4 sections

SECTION A: Verbal and Quantitative combined (40 questions 20 minutes) U should really manage the time such that u can answer both quantitative and verbal

QUANTITATIVE :Questions on:-

1. profit and loss (around 3 to 4 questions)
2. boat and streams
3. Allegations or Mixtures
4. some on numbers  quotient and remainder problems etc Please practise RS agarwal for the quabtitative

VERBAL: It contains 10 analogies and 10 sentence completion questions

If u have practice for GRE or GMAT, then it will be easy for. its better to Study barrons and big book

SECTION B: Technical section (20 questions 30 minutes)

Around 15 to 18 questions are from C or may C++, and other related to data base concepts Practise "test ur c skills, pointers in C Most of the questions are related pointers

SECTION C:  (5 Questions, 20 minutes)

In this section a big programme of around 2 to 3 pages was given and related to the programme 5 questions are asked. Please don't go through the entire programme just see the questions first and observe what part of the programme is really needed to answer that question

SECTION D:(one passage, 10 minutes)

Here they asked to write a passage on the topic given My topic was "My few favourite things Chet anaS

After the written test they short listed 30 students


Don't think technical means only technical questions, the two technical interviews were like technical cum HR

The questions asked in the first technical interview are

1. Tell me about urself
2. Write a programme for binary searching
3. What is a semaphore and where do we use them
4. What is meant by LRU(least recently used)
5. A puzzle
6. About ur family
7. About ur higher studies and plans for the future
8. Why adp
9. What is the diff between structures and unions
10. How we declare the variables in an union and so on

It went on for about 30 minutes


1. Tell me about urself
2. About my family back ground
3. What is a linked list
4. What are the conditions that u put while traversing through a linked list
5. What is a computer, and what is internet. image that u are explaining this to a person who dint even see or knew what a computer really is and some other questions.

It went on for about 20 minutes


Hr interview was very cool. this round was just a formality and the questions asked were

1. Tell me about urself
2. Ur EAMCET rank (its is competitive exam) and y so big rank
3. Ur family details
4. Y ADP?
5. Will u sign a bond of 3 yrs
6. Are u interested in further education and what are ur plans regarding that
7. What companies did u attend and y u lost in those and what r the companies U r planning to attend

After all these interviews they have short listed 7 students. they dint put further round but depending on the performance they had selected 3 students

I got selected ie., I was one of those 3 students. This was my 8th company that i had attended and at last i got the job.


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