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Accenture Placement Paper - CBIT, Hyderabad, Sept 18, 2014

Hello all, 

I appreciate your concern over the campus placements coming soon to your college or already running. In the following paragraphs I will present a picture of how placements in a college goes and sufficient preparation techniques. How much mental preparation is required and what are the materials to refer.. so here it goes..!!

A lot buzz around and all of you slowly gearing for placements in your just stepped final year.. and suddenly you realize that's it . Tomorrow you have written test and the selected students will be promoted to next round. some how just went through some objectives on IndiaBix and appeared in the test. some of your friends made it while some didn't. so listen, do you think that yep, the campus placements are really ones meant to try your luck..?

In my case , the answer was yes. CBIT has whole lot of companies competing to recruit every single eligible candidates. But the need of hour is are you really that lucky..?

If no, nothing to disappoint. You have that talent to conquer the whole world. when you can successfully cross the last 3 years as an engineering student, why not one more year with a job in hand.!!

If you have made a mind to find a place as a software professional just try your hand in campus placements.

Basically, for a campus placement, one week of serious preparation is sufficient. Well some of them clear all the written tests without even touching book.. but for a safe side , make up your mind one week ahead. In my case it was a day before written test of Accenture.

So what are you expected..?

1) Good in quantitative aptitude.
2) Quick in Reading passages.
3) Good reasoning and basic verbal skills.
4) Moderate communication skills.(must in interviews).

Tips for written:

1) Start with Quant's. Best option is from R.S Aggarwal. 
Divide the topics in rank wise. For your ease i have set the topics in decreasing order of their appearance's in exams.

Rank 1: (most important ones, to begin with these topics):

1) Profit and loss.
2) Permutation & combination.
3) Logarithms.
4) HCF and LCM.
5) Numbers.

Rank 2:

1) Average.
2) Time and work.
3) Allegation or mixture.
4) Compound interest & simple interest.
5) Pipes and cistern.

These are together similar types to be done after, rank 1,2.  Each topic requires maximum of 10 minutes.

1) Calendar.
2) Clocks.
3) Blood relations.
4) Train's problem.
5) Boats problem's.

This much is sufficient for Quant's you can crack any test in campus drive.

Verbal is best can be referred to online websites like IndiaBix. Placement season have exact papers in their test so its worth.

For interview and GD, you need to be smart, and dress well on that day. You need to speak properly, confidently and most important, clearly. What you speak must reach in front. Also, prepare logic of at-least basic programs.

Stay cool and focused. be attentive and see the interview pattern and act accordingly. All the very best ...!!


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