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ACCENTURE Interview Experience - CBIT_HYDERABAD, SEPTEMBER 19, 2014

Hi friends,

This is Abbas khan, an MCA student, CBIT, Hyderabad.

We faced a return test on 18th, conducted by AMCAT, it was a simple test consisting of 3 sections:

1. Verbal - 25.
2. Quantitative ability - 35.
3. Logical ability - 25.

Preparation tips:

Quant :

Logarithms, numbers(3), numbers(3), time and distance, probability(2 or 3), hcf and lcm, profit and loss, simple interest, percentages, permutations combinations etc.


Spotting errors, synonyms, antonyms, selecting words, sentence formations, ordering words, sentence corrections, paragraphs, etc.

Reasoning :

Number series, ages, directions, seating arrangements (6), etc.

Interview :

Basics of all the languages what you mentioned to your resume.(don't mention all the languages if it is campus selection. Just write what you know well).

Gd :

There was no GD but there was JAM (just a minute) and please have a sound communication skills, because if they are looking for 10% of your knowledge in GD but 90% they want your sentence formations if there is any mistakes.

Return test and interview experience :

>18th : after 1 hour I got selected along with 18 students of my class.

We were waiting in assembly hall and they asked us to come tomorrow for the interview and we got the time for the preparation.

>19th : interview experience: question they asked?

They took interview for 5 members at a time:

Interviewer : if I ask you "tell me about white color" then what do you think we are expecting from you ?

Me :

Sir, as far as I am concerned, I think you are not expecting any answers about white color because how many sentences can we frame about white color, what you am expecting is how good we are framing the sentence formations, the vocabulary we are using in the sentences.  (satisfied).

Interviewer : jam (just a minute) : speak something about "development of it sector in India compared to other countries?".

Me :

The 4 members were speaking so many things but I was tensed what to speak, but then someone from us started comparing India with china, then interviewer said :"why china being a best country could not lead India getting software projects", then everyone started speaking but not reached the perfect point then I said : sir, china has really developed in technology but the main thing that the entire countries can be connected with is "communication skills in English language" that is the only thing which is the advantage of our country upon china, then the interviewer said "this is the answer I am expecting from you".

Interviewer : he asked two tricky questions : <1> you buy 15 candies in a shop and the offer is, get 3 wrappers of those candies then another candy will be given. Then how many candies did you get at last (including those candies you bought).  (and 2nd question was similar to it. ).

Me :

Answer is 22 sir, he asked to explain, explanation : 15 candies = 15 wrappers i.e, . I got 5 candies for 15 wrappers (3 wrappers = 1 candies) then again with 5 candies I will get 5 wrappers among those 5 wrappers I will take 3 wrappers (leaving 2 wrappers) and get another candy and get another wrapper (1) adding to the remaining 2 wrappers gets another candy.

Totally : 15 + 5 + 1 + 1 = 22 (right).

Interviewer : why should I hire you ?(common question).

Me :

It was and easy answer. Handled it well.


Do you prefer in group work or individual work ? give example ?


I believe in group work and gave 2 examples worked in my school and and the group work which I would do in the software company.

Interviewer :

I didn't see any project works in your resume, why?

Me :
[ explained very carefully ] sir, as I just completed my 2nd year, in the 5th sem I'll do 2 to 3 mini projects and in my final sem I'll do my big project.

Interviewer : oh. Then you have to do your project in the final sem. Ok.

"then one of the 2 hrs gave programs to write the pseudo codes of fibbonacci, prime number or not etc. " to others not for me.

When the 2nd hr was about to give a program to me, the 1st hr said, "No!. Don't give a program to him, I am done with him".

So I understood that I was selected.

I am writing this letter to the freshers and just now I got a call that only 4 of our classmates are selected and I am one of them.

I praise god for every thing he did.

>>finally, for return test : R.S Aggarwal is more then enough.

For interview: Just brush up your basic definitions and syntax of all you mentioned languages and 20 frequently asked programs,

For group discussion : You need to work hard, speak in English to your friends, join courses etc..


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