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Genpact General - other - 19th February at Kerala


The test started at 1.00 after a long wait from 9am..The paper consisted of

1)Logical reasoning
2)Simple aptitude
3)Reading comprehension

All of these r not in diff headings okie....

simple aptitude like :
1)a tank is filled in 5hrs and anothers pipe drains the tank in 6hrs...in wat time is the pipe filled.
2)some equation n to find x
3)a simple train n distance ques.

Logical reasoning

1)a family tree
2)a simple ques with some conditions I tried out summers n all..but the ques were really simply there was not need of all tat

The englich passages were tough with the ques like...wats the conclusion n stuffs We had two sets of papers....the other set consisted of avg's questions

then i cleared it n then came the GD the topics were like
1)capital punishment
2)cricket( something related to tat)

then the HR:
1)i was asked abt my marks,the fluctuations
2)strength ,weakness
3)was given two aptitude problems to solve
4)abt the company
5)if there was only 2 days left to die,wat would i do
6)if they gave me 1000 bucks wat wud i do with it.
7)abt the bond,abt the relocation to hyd or kolkata...

It was a fun HR..... finally placed in genpact


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