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Aricent Placement Paper (Whole-Testpaper) 34439

Hi Friends,
I cleared all the rounds of Aricent and I'm going to join it on May . Firstly they will take HR round. for about 20-30 mins and then technical round for about 45 minutes.

Questions are:

1. Tell me about yourself?

2. Tell an incident when you helped anybody.(how, why, when)

3. Tell me a situation when you were right about the things but you were forced to do according to others suggestions. (how, why, when)

4. Tell an incident when you organized something and leaded the team. (how, why, when) and many more HR questions.

Now for the Technical round.

1. What is paging?

2. What is virtual memory and why it is needed?

3. Write a program for Quick sort?

4. Write a program for banking management system and Railway management System?

5. Write a code by which you can find the no. of same train no. Occurrence in a snapshot from a database in railway ticketing system?

6. Write difference between switch and hub, tell about their characteristic?

7. Tell me about routers?

8. What is software engineering. Tell all the steps involved in it?

9. What is testing, what are different types of testing?

10. What is Scheduling. Explain different types of scheduling.

11. What is leaky bucket.

12. What is Segmentation?

13. What is token ring. Explain about it.

14. How many bits are required for IPv4 and IPv6.

15. Difference between UDP and TCP/IP.


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