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SIEMENS Placement Paper (Technical-Other) : 5

Hi frens….i wood wanna share tis resource about siemens for all the aspirants….SIEMENS had come to our college on 22/july/2008….These were the aptitude question…

1) The prototype declaration for a pointer to a function which returns a pointer to an integer is:
a. int (**pfi)();
b. int (*)(*pfi)();
c.(*int) pfi ();
d. int * (*pfi)();
Ans: D

2)  main()
static int a[20];
int i=0;
printf(“%d%d%d”, a[0],a[i],i );
a. 0 0 0
b. 0 0 1
c. 1 1  1
d. Error 
ans: b

3) void f(int x,int &y)
Void main()
Int i=1,j=1;
a. 1 1
b. 1 2
c. 2 1
d. 2 2 
ans: b

4) void main(void)
FILE *p;
p=fopen(“c:tctrial”, ”w”);
a. fopen() not used correctly
b. path should be C:tctrial
c. file pointer incorrect
d. error 

5) void main(void)
Int y=128;
Const int x=y;
a. 128
b. Garbage
c. 0
d. Error 
ans a

6) when do preprocessor directives get executed
a. before compilation
b. during compilation
c. after compilation
d. none 
ans a

7) which kind of function can access private data members
a. friend functions
b. private member functions
c. public member function
d. all 
ans d

8) which of the following will be automatically generated by the complier
a. default constructor,default destructor,copy constructor,assignment operator.
b. Default constructor,copy constructor.
c. Address operator,assignment operator
d. B& C. 
ans d

9) difference b/w c++ struct and c++ class is
a. both are same.
b. Struct defaults to public member access while class defaults to private member access.
c. Struct defaults to public base class inheritance while class defaults to private base class inheritance.
d. B & C. 

10)  static member functions can access “this” pointer
a. true
b. false
c. compiler dependent
d. none. 

11). Main()
Char arr[12];
a. 24
b. 12
c. 36
d. 2 

12). char *p;
short i;
long l;
(long)i= l;
a. both 1 & 2 are correct;
b. both 1 &2 are incorrect.
c. Statm 1 is correct.
d. Statm 2 is correct. 

13). Main()
Int I;
a. 2
b. 8
c. 10
d. 4 

14). Main()
Const int val=5;
Const int *ptrval;
a. 5
b. 10
c. Garbage
d. Error 
ans: d

15) void main(void)
Int x=2;
Int y=4;
a.2 4
3 4
b. 3 3
3 4
c. 2 3
2 4
d. 2 3
3 3 
ans: d

OS questions:
1) a page fault occurs when
a. system crashes due to lack of memory
b. page reffered belongs to a different program,
c. request for the page currently made is not in memory,
d. 1 & 2 

2)  the basic criteria of selecting a page replacement algorithm for virtual memory management is
a. low page fault rate
b. high page fault rate
c. high page modification rate
d. low page size 
ans b

3) which of the following is not a scheduling algorithm.
a. FCFS scheduling
b. SJF scheduling
c. Priority based  scheduling
d. Shortest fit scheduling 
ans d

4). Which of the following statements is true on demand paging
a. used to Increase speed of memory access
b. causes external fragmentation.
c. technique to mange existing main memory efficiently
d. allows variable sized segments. 

5). A multiprocessor system is
a. loosely coupled system
b. tightly coupled system
c. distributed system
 d. none 
ans c

6). What is mutex?
a. binary semaphore
b. multitasking facility
c. bit addressable memory
d. register  
ans a

aptitudewas simple….work a lot on series…its part of all company’s aptitude…in siemens aptitude questions on blood relations, series, work were asked….To be frank. i’m bad in aptitude…n so u r…better strengthenyourtechnical, C n C++….
C n C++ is a part of parcel of all interviews…

In myinterview…it was a 45min grilling…..
I was questions on lex, yacc, parser,a lot of unix, inheritance, constructors n destructors…
But it wasn't the same for my frens.. they wer grilled on inheritance n other things…only I was targeted on unix stuff…208 wrote the aptitude out of which 20 wer short listed…among them only 8 were taken..i was the last one to be interviewed…n picked too…I on top of the world for getting into SIEMENS…
This was the third company to visit our college.. first was TCS which I intentionally left cos I din like it..Next was emphasis…aptitude was dead easy which cud be answerable by an 8th std kido too…but I din get selected..n ten was siemens…So on that account wishing everyone ALL THE VERY BEST.. MEET U IN SIEMENS….


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