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Capgemini Interview Experience - Vasai Road, November 8, 2014

# 3 Rounds:

1. Aptitude.
2. GD.
3. Personal Interview (Technical + Hr at a time).

Aptitude Test had 3 sessions (no sectional cut-off):

Quantitative, Verbal and logic.
Main problem is not hard  questions but not reading questions properly so it was time consuming for me.

Instead of GD there was Pearsons Test  but was canceled due to server problem and GD was conducted the next day on 9 Nov.

Out of 1500 people 300-315 were selected for GD.

15 panel were there to take GD each group contain 10 people.

From 30 - 32 group, 3 group whole 10 people were selected for next round and from other groups 4-7 people were selected.(Topic were given by panel).

Technical Interview:

Be through with your final year project and basic concept of your field,
They are not there to see how much you know but they are there to see how confident you are.


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