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Capgemini Interview Experience - Pune, November 10 2014

Hi everybody, it was my last chance for campus recruitment as I am doing M.E. And I can say it was my day.

There were 3 rounds:

1. Aptitude.
2. GD.
3. Personal Interview (Technical + Hr at a time).

Aptitude Test had 3 sessions (no sectional cut-off):

Quantitative, Verbal and logical reasoning.
Quanti section was containing everything starting from 10th standard basics.

Out of 500 people 50 were selected for GD and luckily I was a part of that.

For GD, they divided us in 5 groups of 10 students each. Topic for GD is given by the panel and ours was "Mobile Phones - Boon or Curse". I would like to suggest for GD is that be calm. Maintain a flow in your discussion. Don't think that if you haven't started the discussion, you lost your turn. Concentrate on the points that are suggested by the team members and if you disagree at some point just express your opinion, do not make it a debate. GD is not a debate, its a discussion. Lastly while concluding, put your opinion taking into account what others have said. Do not underestimate anyone in GD, give everybody a chance to speak.    

Out of 50, 41 were selected for the next round.


It was my first HR interview. Be cool, don't panic, you are not supposed to know everything. Prepare your final year project deeply and basic concepts related to your respective field. They just want to know your confidence level.

Out of us 39 were placed and again it was my day :-).


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