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Genpact placement paper Dec 2014

1.written Test

Duration : 30 Questions in 60 Minutes

General English:10 Questions

Aptitude:10 Questions

Verbal & Non-Verbal:10 Questions

Genpact Previous ad Recent GD TOPICS

2. Group Discussion

Honestly is not always the best policy

Brain Drain has to be stopped?


Films are corrupting the Indian Youth?


IT is boon or bane for India?

Capital punishment



Genpact HR Interview Questions

3HR Interview

Project: Explain Your Current Project?

Genpact HR Interview Questions

Tell me about yourself?

Why did you join in IT company ?

Why do want to join Genpact?


Why we should hire you?

Do u have any questions?

Gene pact Model Technical Questions

What is DBMS?

What is inheritance?

What is the difference between C and C++?

What are access specifies?

What are library functions?

What is the difference between DML and DLL?

What is the difference between primary key and unique key?

What is the use of Cursor?

What is a stack?

What is an Assembly?

What are class access modifiers?

What is serialization?

What is the purpose of Normalization?

What is the difference between Truncate and Delete?

What is the difference between DBMS and RDBMs?

What is Recursion Function?

What is abstract class?


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