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Capgemini Placement Papers -Noida, October 31, 2014

ROUND 1:- Aptitude round conducted by cocubes.com which consisted of Verbal, Reasoning and Quant. It was the mass elimination round. 2000 students appeared for the exam and 313 got selected and eventually I was one of them :D.

Mantra of success is solve only those which you are very sure about as it was negative marking too. The cut off was sectional and hence make sure that you do good in every section. Remember this is the mass elimination round. Verbal and Logical are very easy and i would recommend IndiaBix test papers for it. For quant, I would recommend R.S. Aggarwal.

ROUND 2:- This round was a G.D round and it was really simple. Students who were able to speak (even hesitantly) relevant to the topic were selected. Out of 313, 236 got selected in the G.D round including me.:D

FINAL ROUND:- Technical come HR. This round is not an easy piece of cake. They are not there to test your programming skills. They test your analytical and situational responsiveness. I was asked to give example of real life example of SDLC (software development life cycle).

And next question was "Tell me something about Java (if you are proficient in Java) which no one has explained in this campus". My answer was multithreading technique used in game development and i explained it. He was really impressed and said "WELCOME TO CAPGEMINI". :D



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