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question-paper-17th Aug 2012

q.1.> If "24 H in a D" means "24 hours in a Day", then what does the following mean
      a] "1000 Y in a M".
      Ans: 1000 years in a Millenium.
      b] "6 B to/on a O in C".

q.2.> No. series:: 144, 121, 100, 81, 64,..
      Ans: 49.
q.3.> A man & his son met with a car accident, the father dies but the child is rushed to the hospital.
      When he arrives, the surgeon says, "I cant operate on him, he is my son!"
      How can that be?
q.4.> An electric train is moving southwards, but the smoke is moving westwards,...blah..blah...
      Ans: An electric train doesnot emits smoke!!!
q.5.> A girl has some pets. There are all but 2 dogs, there are all but 2 cats & there are all but 2 goats.
      Whats the total no. of pets?
      Ans: I got 6 pets but the interviewer says its 3, "check it out!!!!"
q.6.> A man gets a raise of 5% for a year, then the next year his pay is cut by 2.5% and the net amount with him is Rs.22709.68.
      What was the actual amount?
q.7.> In a party of a family there are 2 fathers, two sons, one father-in-law, one mother-in-law, one daughter-in-law & 1 grandson.
      Whats the minimum no. of people in the party?
      Ans: 5  M  W
              | |
              M  W
q.8.> A man sends his son to the market to buy mangoes. He gives the son 100 pence to buy 100 mangoes.
      In the market there are 3 kinds of mangoes: good mangoes each for 10 pence, average mangoes each for 5 pence, & not so god mangoes for .5 pence each.
      what type of mangoes & how much should the son buy ?
      Ans: 90 mangoes for .5 pence each. 9 mangoes for 5 pence each, 1 mangoe for 10 pence.
q.9.> Three childs are born each second. Whats the no. of children born in the year 2001?
q.10.> In a year some fractions of girls & some fraction of boys graduate from High School. If of them a/b of girls & x/y of boys go to college. Whats the fraction
       of students who go to college? "Cant remember the fractions!!!!"
q.11.> If in a jar there are jelly beans, some blue, some green, some yellow in colour, then what minimum amount of jelly beans should be picked to get two of the same colour?
          Ans: 4
q.12.> Three friends divide among themselves equal amount of money. If after spending Rs. 4 each they have left with them the sum of Rs.6,
       then what was the original amount with them?

       Ans: Rs. 18  
q.13.>Bob mother had 3 childrens,out of them 1 was Alex other was John,so who was the 3rd child?
        Ans: BOB


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