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Digital Globalsoft Placement Paper

Digital Globalsoft—IT BHU 2010

Section I – Apptitude

(All 30 Question Mathematical all very easy nothing to be mentioned as such)
Some of the questions are (not in order>

1.8(pow)(3/2) +2(pow)(-1/2)
ans 24

2. sin 60

3. cos theta=5/13 find tan theta

4. select the odd man out.
a. 248 b.326 c.428 d.392
ans d

5. a question was there twice- the question is
6. angle of elevation of a tower(30 degree) was given and its distance from a pt. was given.find the height of the tower

7. question no. 16 some log ques ans is b=2a 

8. a question based on [(a sqr –b sqr)/(a-b)] ans is 1.0

II Section 30 Analytical reasoning

One question 
Five City Names Given 

And then to find code for one Letter in every city name.(This was tough – 5 questions based on it)

Ans: Take Two city at a time ..who have the asked Letter in their name 
And then you will get the answer by seeing the common answer choice..

CAT type reasoning..

Section III

English ..
Sentence completion..correction..etc. all Infy type..or GRE type..(easy ones)

Have a look at these words

Rest were easy..

Section 4:General knowledge

1.Who invented TV.? 
Ans Baird

2. Chadwick invented what?
Ans neutron

3.Dr. Khurana did? 
Ans.Genetic code 

4.Grammy award winner is who?
a.Vishwa mohan bhatt b.Harishankar chaurasia. C.Zakir hussain.. d.amjad ali khan.
Ans c(not sure)

5. Y-rays are?

6.Who designed Chandigarh?
Ans a(not very sure)

7. The property of metal sheets to be beaten into thin sheets
ans. Malleability

8. A metal is placed inside a pressure cooker.It’s pressure increases.Why?
a. air tight
b. High density of metal
c. No effect

9. who invented logerthim 
ans napier

10. Dos----some thing
ans Microsoft
11. Suger is store in plant in which form
ans Glucose
12major component of gober gas
ans methane
13 green house effect
ans co2
14 carborator is used in car w----
a.water to petrol
b.air to petrol
15 why men bent forword on mounting a hight
ans to gain stability
16. which disease is transferred genetically
17why man become old
a. Thymus
b. Pituitary
c. Thyroid
d. Hypothyroid


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