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GMR Placement-Paper Technical-Other GMR EEE and ECE Question Paper -13 Sep 2012

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Technical Questions

1.The synchronous speed of a motor with 6 poles and operating at 50 Hz frequency is ___.
a) 1500 
b) 1000 
c) 3000 
d) 750

2.The power consumption, in case of centrifugal loads (like pump, fan, blower etc.), proportional to ____.
a) speed 
b) square of speed 
c) cube of speed 
d) not applicable

3.What determines the thermal loading on the motor?
a) Duty/Load cycle 
b) Temperature of the winding
c) Age of the motor 
d) Ambient conditions

4.The maximum power will be transferred from a voltage source to a load when
a) the source impedance is half that of the load impedance
b) the source impedance is equal to that of the load impedance
c) the source impedance is twice that of the load impedance
d) both source and load impedances must be zero
Ans: b

5.Divergence theorem is applicable for
a) static field only
b) time varying fields only
c) both static and time varying fields
d) electric fields only
Ans: c

6.The measurement of frequency can be carried out with
a) Owen’s bridge
b) Wien’s bridge
c) Maxwell’s inductance-capacitance bridge
d) Schering’s bridge
Ans: b

7.By using feedback in control systems, the sensitivity to parameter variation is improved.This is achieved at the cost of
a) stability 
b) loss of system gain
c) transient response 
d) reliability

8.In a transmission line terminated by characteristic impedance, Zo
a) There is no reflection of the incident wave.
b) The reflection is maximum due to termination.
c) There are a large number of maximum and minimum on the line.
d) The incident current is zero for any applied signal.
Ans: a

9.When a step-input is given to an op-amp integrator, the output will be
a) a ramp.
b) a sinusoidal wave.
c) a rectangular wave.
d) a triangular wave with dc bias.

10.When an amplifier is provided with current series feedback, its
a) input impedance increases and output impedance decreases
b) input and output impedances both decrease
c) input impedance decreases and output impedance increases
d) input and output impedances both increase

11.Bulk power transmission over long HVDC lines are preferred, on account of 
a)low cost of HVDC terminals
b)no harmonic problems
c)minimum line power losses
d)simple protection

12.In dielectric heating, the rate of heating cannot be increased by increasing the potential gradient because
a)Coupling problems become highly pronounced
b)Very high voltages are not easily available
c)Heating becomes non-uniform
d)Corona takes place

13.A converter which can operate in both 3-pulse and 6-pulse modes is
a)1-phase full converter
b)3-phase half wave converter 
c)3-phase semiconverter
d)3-phase full converter

14.A highly stable resonance characteristic is the property of a ____ oscillator.
a) Hartley 
b) Colpitts
c) Crystal 
d) Weinbridge
Ans. c

15.Transistor is a
a) Current controlled current device.
b) Current controlled voltage device.
c) Voltage controlled current device.
d) Voltage controlled voltage device.
Ans. a
Ex:The output current depends on the input current


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