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question-paper-13 aug 2012

Directions: Read the passage carefully and answer the question No-1 -5
A hundred years ago there was much less specialisation in work than there is today. One furniture maker would make the whole of a table- indeed, perhaps, all the furniture needed to furnish a house, and he worked in a simple workshop, probably entirely with hand tools. The Furniture he made was very good and very beautiful, but it would take him a longtime to make it. The output of one man was, by modern standards, small, and the cost of the Furniture relatively high. Only the fairly wealthy could afford a great deal. Most modern furniture is made in fatories with the aid of machinery. So now-a-days a man working in a furniture factory will, perhaps spend his days mindling one machine which carries out one process only in the making of table legs. A great number of men will be taking part in the various process which go to making the table, and by this division of labour a great many tables will be made in a comparatively short time. A good workman however should understand all the process which go to make the table, even though he himself actually does only one of them. In the making of more complicated things, such as cars or elaborate pieces of electrical machinery, even this is not possible. It is very likely even that all the processes do not go on in the same factory.
1. ‘Mindling’ in the passage can he replaced by
(a) Thinking of
(b) Feeling
(c) Taking care of
(d) Touching
2. Why was the cost of the furniture so high in the past?
(a) Output was small
(b) Material was costly
(c) Artisans were greedy
(d) None of the above
3. Production of Furniture is quicker because
(a) Of division of labour
(b) Of machinery
(c) Good conditions of working
(d) Of technology development
4. The artisans of the ancient times did not have
(a) Skill
(c) Markets
(b) Specialisation
(d) (a) and (c) both
5. Which of the following uses of ‘even’ are correct?
(a) The chances of success are even
(b) Even a child can do it
(c) The cost roated in the even
(d) (b) and (c) both
6. In the following alphabet which letter is seventh to the right of fifteenth letter from the right end?
(a) S
(b) T
(c) R
(d) H
(e) None of these
7. Two letters in the word ROUBLE have as many letters between them in the word as in the alphabet. Which one of the two comes earlier in the alphabet?
(a)   L             
(b)   O
(c)   E
(d)   R
(e)    B
8. What should come in place of the question mark? In the following letter series?
(a) FMI
(b) GMJ
(c)  HLK
(d) GLJ
(e) None of these
9. Which among the following are the right measures to solve the obstacles in relation to women education?
(a) To increase girl schools
(b) To encourage and motivate people
(c) To solve economic problems for the people
(d) All of these
10. Which commission recommended General School education to be of 10 years?
(a) Mudaliar education commission
(b) Kothari commission
(c) Hunter commission
(d) All the above
11. Which of the following are elements of education planning?
(a) Problems
(b) Builders
(c) Resources
(d) All the above
12. Which method would you deem suitable for rectifying those students who interrupt the teaching process in the class?
(a) They should be sent out of the class
(b) They should be given harsh punishment in the class itself
(c) They should be ignored
(d) A complaint should be filed against them with the principal
13. As a teacher, what type of behaviour of a student would be deemed serious by you?
(a) Incomplete home work
(b) Asking too many questions in the class
(c) Talking to other students in the class during the course of a lecture
(d) Slightly slow/weak in studies
14. Abhinav was born 2 years after his Fathers marriage. His mother is Five year younger than his Father but. 20 years older than Abhinav. At what age did his Father get married?
(a) 35 years
(c) 23 years
(b) 33 years
(d) 25 years
15. If 84 x 13 = 8, 37 ×13=6, 26 x 11=6, then 56 x 22=?
(a) 36
(b) 39
(c) 7
(d) 11
16. Bibliography given in a research report
(a) Helps those interested in further research and studying the problem from another angle
(b) Makes the report authentic
(c) Shows the vast knowledge of the researchers
(d) None of the above
17. The experimental study is based on the law of
(a) Single variable
(b) Replication
(c) Occupation
(d) Interest of the Subject
18. How can the objectivity of research be enhanced?
(a) Through its impartiality
(b) Through its reliability
(c) Through its validity
(d) All of the above
19. Starting from a point P Satish walked 20 metres towards south. He turned left and walked 30 metres. He then turned left and walked 20 metres. He again turned left and walked 40 metres and reached a point Q. How far and in which direction is the point Q from the point P?
(a) 20 metres West
(b) 10 metres East
(c) 10 minutes West
(d) 10 metres North
(e) None of these.
20. Mukesh is taller than Rajeev but shorter than Amar. Suman is taller than Mukesh but shorter than Vinay. Who among them will be at the Fourth place if they stand in a row in descending order of their height?
(a) Amar
(b) Rajeev
(c) Vinay
(d) Cannot be determined.
(e) None of these
21. Which of the following is determiner of education?
(a) Home
(b) School
(c) Family
(d) All the above
22. The main aim of Basic Education is
(a) To be self-dependent and self-sufficient
(b) To depend on the teacher
(c) To depend on the society
(d) None of these
23. The job of the teacher is to generate:
(a) Affiancing for studies among students
(b) Confidence in studies among students
(c) A belief towards studies among students
(d) Affect/affiliation for studies among students.
24. In the profession of teaching, the most beneficial aspect is
(a)An opportunity to dominate the children
(b)An opportunity to express yourself
(c)Hefty earnings from tution work, besides earnings through salary
(d)Sufficient number of holidays in a year.
25. Survey study aims at
I. Knowing Facts about the existing situation the chief social
II.Comparing the present status with the standard norms.
III. Criticising the existing situation
1V. Identifying the means of improving the existing situation
(a) I and II only
(b) I, II and III
(c) I, II, and III and IV
(d) II and III only
26. Logic of introduction is very close to
(a) The logic of sampling
(b) The logic of observation
(c) The logic of the controlled variable
(d) None of the above

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