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Caritor Placement-Paper Whole-Testpaper RVR&JC college of Engineering-05 Sep 2009

Hi friends this is kishore from guntur.I am selected in caritor.After attending 11 companies i succeed finally & i am placed in caritor.Freshersworld.com helped me alot in my success thats i want share my views with you these may help you a lot.Total 450 to 500 students are attended for the test 216 get threw written at last 63 were placed i am also one person among them.There were four rounds

2.Group discusssion
3.Technical round

4. HR.

In written there were three sections.: there is no negative marking but sectional cut off is there
Quant,Verbal,Logical,Essay Writing.
  • 1-Essay writing -It was for ten min..first u hav to complete it and then they give u the ques paper.they were different sets. the topic for  essay was travel experience with ur friends.
  • 2The quant questions were mostly repeated from the previous papaers.some of the ques were like(15 ques)
    3 cats eat 3 rats in 7 min how much time 50 cats require to eat 100 rats
    2) A man travels half distace with x speed & anoter half of the distance with y speed what is       the avg speed
    3)6 horses eat 6 bales in 6 days 12  horses eat how many bales in 12 days??and so on...
  • 2-Verbal was dead easy..(10ques)
  • 3Logical reasoning
    -this section was also easy but time taking...so better complete all and then start this.. And one more imp thing is dat ... Have to attempt all the sections...If we do two and leave th third one... then they may disqualify.. sorry i dont remember... but if you work it out you will the solution..
    Group Discussion:
    First we had introduction.
    Our grou consisted of 12 members...Ten the gave the topic.. "Is wealth or health gives happyness"Gave 2 min time... then asked us to start..They just saw the talking ability...Give a chance to others also..Speak atleast twice... 12 members selected from my group Internet
    Technical Round:
    I am eee student he asked some qestins on basics of c. Be confident at the time of interview.
    Hr round is very easy u must be confident at the time of interview. U must tell truths it will help u a lot



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