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Caritor Placement-Paper Whole-Testpaper GMRIT -11 Sep 2009

Hi friends,

            I am Rajitha doing final year,CSE in MVGR college of Engg.I  got selected in Keane in the off campus at GMRIT.The whole selection process is done in single day It contains 4 rounds

1.Written test+essay writing

2,Group discussion

3.Technical round

4.Hr round


It contains 3 sections





           Total 100 questions, 60 mins.No –ve marking but there is sectional cut off.10mins for essay writing.our topic is”MY views on ethics and values”(minimum of 10 lines).They evaluate essay writing in GD round.caritor people will only invigilate.so be careful.

Some of the questions are


1.statement1:any one of these statements is untrue

   statement2:any two of these statements are untrue


   statement10: ten of these statements are untrue

  Which of the following is true

  a)statement10  b)statement9 c)can’t determine  d)none of these

2.How many prime numbers are there in 5 consecutive numbers of sum 35.
3.qs on seating arrangement
4.find next number in the series
5. If 7 ppl want to cross a bridge and only one torch is there for all and only 3 at a time can move parallel at one time, and all seven move with a different speed and when 3 walk we have to take the speed of the slowest so in how much time will all the seven will cross the bridge?
Usually logical section will have least cut off.(around 12)


1.If 7 cats take 7 minutes to eat 7 mice then how much time would take 50 cats to  eat 100 mice? (ans 14)

 2.Three types of animals, cockroach, mice and crow are there in a room. There are totally 50 heads and 150 tails in the room. No of cockroach is twice than the no of mice. What are the no of mice in the room?

a) 5      b) 10    c) 15    d) none of these
(ans 5)
3.Average temperature between Monday –Wednesday is 37 and average temperature between Tuesday-Thursday is  4. Monday’s temperature is 4/5th of Thursday’s temperature. What is the temperature on Thursday.
Verbal section is easiest of all sections(basic grammar)




Each group contains 12-13 members.our topic is

”Is dress code necessary at university level”.

Other topics are:


Is software industry dominating hardware industry

Global warming

Importance of social activities

Effect of cinema on youth

They will ask to introduce ourselves and will give 2mins time to think about the topic and then asks to speak. They will check whether we are able to speak relevantly. They will evaluate essay writing here. In my group 8 members were selected.



The key question in caritor is whether u will do further studies. please say NO.

They will trap u by asking what is ur GRE score. they will ask questions on c, dbms and os.

From c

Write a program on prime number, factorial, palindrome

From dbms simple queries like list the employees whose salary>some amount,

Employee name starting with ‘t’ etc


It is very simple.general qs

Tell me about ur college

Why keane

Did u attend any companies before. if rejected why. 


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