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1. Dada sahib phalke award is given in which category ? ans: cinema

2. how many countries are playing in commonwealth games 2010?

3. which currency value is highest in terms of Indian rupees?( a) euro b) Pound c) US $ d) Australian $

4. Which contains highest value of iron content a) spinach b) carrot c) radish

5. How many teams in hockey world cup held in 2010?

6. How many teams in IPL held in 2010?

7. What is the current inflation rate?

8. Upto what amount women have been exempted from tax in this year? (1.9 lakhs)

9. Upto what amount Senior citizens have been exempted from tax in this year? (2.4 lakhs)

10. How many games have been included in commonwealth games 2010?

11. Which commonwealth games is being held in 2010? ( 17th , 23rd, 25th )

12. Through which continent the tropic of cancer , equator and tropic of Capricorn all pass ? ( Asia, Europe, Australia, North America)

13. Which leaf is used in making beedis ? ( Tendu)

14. Which state is the largest producer of tea in India ( Assam)

15. Who was the prime minister of India during blue star operation? (Indira Gandhi)

16. Which missile was crashed in its first launch in 1986 ? ( Challenger)

17. What is the earthquake originated from marine land called ( tsunami, typhoon, hurricane )

18. Two number series to be completed

19. Average speed problem

20. One blood relation question .

21. Who won women singles Australian open 2010? ( sarena Williams)

22. One data interpretation question.

23. 4 Non-verbal reasoning (As if to find the odd one out in 4 figures)

NFL Technical Questions

24. What is full form of MTBF ? ( mean time between failures)

25. MTTF (M stands for minimum, maximum ?)

26. What is MDT?

27. Full form of LVDT?

28. Diapraghm used in measuring low pressures is ( a) small in size b) slack c) light d)

29. Rotameter is used for ……..

30. What is load cell used for measuring?

31. Why is dummy strain gauge used with main strain gauge ?

32. Dynamic characteristics of a capacitance transducers is similar to a) high pass filter b) LPF c) notch d) BSF

33. What is hall effect transducer used for ?

34. What cannot ring balance meter measure ? a) pressure b) differential pressure c) both d) none

35. What is reliability of a instrument?

36. What is piezometer used for ?

37. What is annubarmeter used for ?

38. Which instrument used for measuring temperature above 1500 celsius?

39. TDMA uses which topology ( bus, ring , both , none)

40. Type of control typically needed by batch process is?

41. What is the purpose of loop testing?

42. What is sum unreliability and reliability ( 1 , less than 1, greater than 1)

43. Control system elements ideally draw ( 0 current, 0 voltage, constant voltage,)

44. Phase margin of a stable system is ( -ve, + ve,……)

45. To make a divide by 78 counter required ( one 13 and one divide by 6 counter)

46. While making of transistors there is a trade off b/w (a) propagation delay and power dissipation, b) fan in and power dissp. C) noise margin and power dissipation.

47. Given v threshold =2, Voh , Vol, Vih, Vil values, and then to calculate noise margin?

48. Which type of circuit is regulator ( Type 0 , type 1, type 2, type 3)

49. Given a 4 bit ripple counter in ehich each FF has pd of 20 ns , so find total propagation delay ?

50. Given a 3 bit synchronus counter , each FF has pd of 15 ns, find total Pd?

51. Given that at 2MHz , C1= 460 pF , and at 4Mhz , C2 =100pf , so find self capacitance of coil ? ans 20pf ( C1-4C2)/3

52. The Q factor for a radio coil is ( independent of frequency)

53. Which ray is used to measure length in radioactive elements ( alpha, beta, gamma , X-ray)

54. For a series RLC circuit , w2 <1/LC , what is the nature of the circuit ( capacitance, inductive, resistive)

55. Why is digital telemetry more preferred than analog telemetry?

56. One numerical in PCM to find information rate , given 20 channels, binary data , sampling rate 8000 bits/sec, and a synchronization bit added in each sample?

57. Which of them is active transducer ? ( photovoltaic cell)

58. In the piezoelectric effect in semiconductor , which effect is more prominent in the increase in resistance ( increase in resistivity, increase in length, increase in area)

59. What is MODCOM used for ( computer to computer communication, computer to system commn…..)

60. What is watchdog in a process control?

61. What is the address value in register mode addressing ( index register value, operand, index + offset)

62. What is On-Off control ? ( Proportional, derivative, integral, PID)

63. What is reset control operation? ( ON-OFF, Integral, PID)

64. What is need of feedback in system ( increase stability, increase in sensitivity ….)

65. To make a system stable, what is the order of operations ( reduce gain, derivative control, negative feedback, )

66. Level of liquid indicator instruments?

67. which of them used to control the rate of flow of liquids ?

68. How many NAND gates are required to realize sum in a Half-adder circuit.

69. A non-linear control system oscillates at ( a) constant amplitude and const. freq. b) constant amplitude and variable frequency c) variable amplitude and variable frequency…..)

70. What will happen to SNR ratio in FM if bandwidth is doubled?


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