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ADPsolved sample palcement papers with explantions


a)Aptitude-15 Questions 15 Marks

1. On a sum of money, the simple interest for 2 years is Rs. 660,while the compound interest is Rs.696.30,the rate of interest being the same in both the cases. The rate of interest is

            A.  10%                       B.  11%

            C.  12%                       D.  10.5%

Ans : B


2.  The difference between simple interest and compound interest on Rs. 1200 for one year at 10% per annum reckoned half yearly is

            A.  Rs.2.50                  B.  Rs. 3

            C.  Rs. 4                      D.  Rs. 3.75

Ans :  C


3. A sum of money at simple interest amounts to Rs.815 in 3 years and to Rs. 854 in 4 years. The sum is

            A.   Rs. 650                 B.   Rs. 690

            C.  Rs. 698                  D.  Rs. 700

Ans : C


4. How much time will it take for an amount of Rs. 450 to yield Rs. 81 as interest at 4.5% per annum of simple interest?

            A.  3.5 years                B.  4 years

            C.  4.5 years                D.  5 years

Ans : B


5. Worker A takes 8 hours to do a job. Worker B takes 10 hours to do the same job. How long should it take both A and B, working together but indepently, to do the same job?

            A.  2x4/9                     B.  4x4/9

            C.  5x4/9                     D.  4x2/9

Ans : B


6. A and B together can complete a work in 12 days. A alone can complete it in 20 days. If B does the work only for half a day daily, then in how many days A and B together will complete the work?

            A.  10 days                  B.  11 days

            C.  15 days                  D.  20 days

Ans : C


7. An express train travelled at an average speed of 100 km/hr, stopping for 3 minutes after every 75 km. How long did it take to reach its destination 600 km from the starting point?

            A.  6 hrs 21 min          B.   6 hrs 24 min

            C.  6 hrs 27 min           D.  6 hrs 30 min

Ans : A


8. Sound is said to travel in air at about 1100 feet per second. A man hears the axe striking the tree, 11/5 seconds after he sees it strike the tree. How far is the man from the wood chopper?

            A.   2197 ft                 B.  2420 ft

            C.  2500 ft                   D.   2629 ft

Ans :  B


9. In what ratio must rice at Rs.9.30 per Kg be mixed with rice at Rs. 10.80 per Kg so that the mixture be worth Rs.10 per Kg ?

            A.  8 : 7                       B.  7 : 8

            C.  8 : 9                       D.   9 : 8

Ans ; A


10. In what ratio must be a grocer mix two varities of tea worth Rs. 60 a kg and Rs. 65 a Kg so that by selling the mixture at Rs. 68.20 a Kg he may gain 10% ?

            A.  3 : 4                       B.  3 : 2

            C.  3 : 5                       D.  4 : 5

Ans :  B


11. find the wrong one in the series    864, 420, 200, 96, 40, 16, 6

            A.   420           B.   200

            C.   96                         D.   40

Ans :  C


12. insert the missing     121, 112, ..., 97, 91, 86

            A.   102           B.   108

            C.   99                         D.   104

Ans : D


13. insert the missing     7, 7, 24, 19, 9, 28, ..., 8, 31

            A.   20                         B.   21

            C.   18                         D.   23

Ans : D


14. In a box, there are 8 red, 7 blue and 6 green balls. One ball is picked up randomly. What is the probability that it is neither red nor green?

            A.  2/3             B.  3/4

            C.  7/19           D.  8/21

Ans : D


15. The probability that a card drawn from a pack of 52 cards will be a diamond or a king is

            A.  2/13           B.  4/13

            C.  1/13           D.  1/52

Ans : B


b)Reasoning-15 Questions 15Marks



 If in a Certain language , ENTRY is coded as 12345 and STEADY is coded as 931785, then state which is the correct code for each of the given words.



            A.  956169                  B.  196247

            C.  352123                  D.  312723

Ans : D



            A. 918731                   B. 954185

            C. 814195                   D. 614781

Ans : A



            A.  25196577              B.  21732199

            C.  21362199              D.  21823698

Ans : B



            A.  744589                  B.  744193

            C.  166479                  D.  745194

Ans  : B



            A.  524519                  B.  174189

            C.  128174                  D.  124179

Ans : C


6. Which number replaces the question marks?

Ans : 72


7. Jacob is 12 years old. He is 3 times as old as his brother. How old will Jacob be when he is twice as old?


8. If it takes 2 garage mechanics 3 hours to repair 6 cars, how many mechanics would it take to repair 22 cars in 5 hours?


9. Gill’s puppy was growing fast. In the first five days since she got it it had eaten 100 dog biscuits. If each day it had eaten 6 more than the previous day, how many biscuits had it eaten on the first day


10. If two men stand back to back, walk in opposite directions for 4 metres, turn to the left and walk another 3 metres, what is the distance between them when they stop?

11. Edward spent $21 on drinks for a party. If the bottle of vodka he purchased was twice the price of the case of beer, and the lemonade was half the price of the beer, how much did Edward spend on the beer?


12.       Simon, Steve and Stewart are all apple farmers who pool their crop each year to make cider. For this year’s harvest, Steve supplied three times as many apples as Stewart, and Simon supplied twice as many apples as Steve.If the total number of apples supplied is 900 tonnes, how many did each of them contribute?


13. It is a small town railway station and there are 25 stations on that line. At each of the 25 stations the passengers can get tickets for any of the other 24 stations. How many different kinds of tickets do you think the booking clerk has to keep.


14. Which playing card completes the sequence?

15. What is X?



c)Computer Knowledge-10 Questions 10 Marks


1.void main()


struct a


char ch[10];

char *str;


struct a s1={"Hyderabad","Bangalore"};

printf(" %c%c",s1.ch[0],*s1.str);

printf(" %s%s",s1.ch,s1.str);



Ans: HB, HyderabadBangalor


2. main(int argc,int *argv[])


int i;


printf(" %s%s",argv[i],(i<argc-1)?"":"");

return 0;



Ans: I work for Adp


3.void main()


int i,j,k;



printf(" %d",k);





static int m;


return m;


Ans: 6


4.void main()


int i;





case 1:

case 2: printf("%d,",i++);break;

case 3: continue;

case 4: printf("%d,",i);





Ans: 1,4,6


5.Which of the storage class(es) becomes the global variables for the entire Program

(A) Extern

(B) Static

(C) Auto

(D) Register

Ans: A


6. What is the output of the program

void main()


char s[]="oracle is the best";

char t[40];

char *ss,*tt;





 A. oracle is the best

B. Core dump

 C. Error Message

 D. Goes into infinite loop

Ans: B. core dump (Garbage value)



7. What is the output of the program

void main()


int j[10]={9,7,5,3,1,2,4,6,9};

int i=1;



printf("%d ",--j[i++]);



// A. 6,2,1,5

// B. 6,2,1,5,7

// c. Error Message

// D. core dump

Ans: A. 6,2,1,5


8. What is the output of the program

void main()


int i,j,k,n=5;










// A. 00011

// B. 11110

// c. 11001

// D. 11100

Ans: B. 11110


9.Which of the following storage class(es) became the global variable for the entire program

A. Extern

B. Static=20

C. Auto

D. Register

Ans: A


10.//What is the output of the program, if integer occupies 2 bytes memory?



int a;

char b;

char c[10];


void main()


int l=sizeof(u1);




// A. 13

// B. 10

// c. 16

// D. None of the above

Ans: B. 10


d)Verbal ability-5 Questions 5 Marks


1. Man who has committed such an _______ crime must get the most severe punishment.

            A.  injurious                B.  unchritable

            C.  unworhty               D.  admoniable


2. Identify the Errors in the given sentences

            A.  I shall                    B.  ring him

            C.  tommorow             D.  in the afternoon


3. Choose the missing term out of the given alternatives.

            b, e, d, f, ?, h, j, ?, t

            A. i m              B. m i

            C. i n               D. j m


4. Pick the odd man out

            A. Lion : roar              B. snake : hiss

            C. bees : hum              D. frog : bleat


5. Choose the word which is least like the others word in a group

            A.  curd           B.  butter

            C.  oil              D.  cheese



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