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BHEL Placement-Paper Whole-Testpaper University College Of Engg,Hyd -22 Oct 2011

Technical Questions
1.SCR of an alternator is___________________________(Ans :inversely proportional to Xs adjusted in P.U)
2.In Synchronous Impedance method the regulation is__________(Ans: Higher than actual)
3.Thyristor which is in forward blocking method will conduct if________(Ans:-Positive gate pulse to Cathode)
4.SC test of T/F will give __________( Copper lossers)
5 741 IC is an ____________(OP amp)
6.For ideal Op amp _________(Zin =infinite and Zout = 0)
7.S^2-5s+20/S^2+5S-20_______________________( All pass or Band Eliminator or....
8 Memory allocated for LIFO  is _____________(Stack)
9.A register which stores the address of the instruction to be executed is___________(Program Counter)
10 MHO relay is a _______( Directional Over current relay)
11. A directional relay has___________ type of characteristics
12 MC is used for __________(measuring DC)
13 A Converter can be operate as inverter if ______________( Ans Full converter (may be) Commutation circuit also)
14 Coupling  used when the shafts are not inline___________(Universsal)
15.first Nuclear Power plant in India is ____________(Tarapur)
16 Nuclear and Thermal are used as_________( Base Load plants)
17. Which Plant has max No. of auxillaries___________(Thermal)
18.In T/L to transfer max power______(---)
19. An Cascade amplifier has which type of intermediate stages__________(CE-CB)
20 Syn M working @ UPF if Exc is increased it operates at___________(Lead PF)
21 Current corresponding to max Efficiency in a T/f given Pi and R______________(Sqr Rt of(Pi/R)
22. Input to Stator of I/M is 40 KW slip is 5% then Torque in Syn Watts when Stator Cu losses & Iron losses are Neg________________(38 W)
23 Blocked Rotor Test givs ___________(Cu losses)
24. N type impurity is_______________(Phosporous)
25 An Eg of Semi Conductor____________(Germenium)
26 Cable insulation resistance is ______________(inversely proportional to length)
27. Hand driven tools use_________(Shaded pole induction motor)
28 A Hysteresis Motor runs at ____________( Sync , Sub- Syn & Super Syn Speed)
29 Octal 56 to Binary_______(46)
30 Sinusoidal Pulse width Modulation what can be controlled ________(freq , Volt & Harmonic)
31 A nullator is a _____________(find out)
32 First law of Thermodynamics __________(Q=dU+W)
33 In watches which type of oil is used__________(find out)
34 In shafts for operating at high temp type of lubricant used is ___________(find out)
A couple of questions on Thevenin.
Some questions on Control systems ( Basics)
Some on Alternator and T/f parallel operations( 6 Qs)
Non Technical::
Questions on Venn diagrams (10), Percentages-Ratios-averages,  Speed and Work , Kinematics, Shares , Time and Distance, Calendars, Geomentry( 20 Q from Basics)................
Sentence correction( 5), Vocab(Syn n Ant10 Q), Jumbled sentences (5), RC (5 Q), Spellling Mistakes (5Q)
Reasoning :
Blood relations(2), Odd men out(3), Arrange in proper order (3 Q eg: Plant ,cloth, Yarn, saree, cotton.)Deductions,
For all these topics R.S Agarwal is more than sufficient.
Thats it Folks hope this will help u out .........................ALL  D BEST


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