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AtosOrigin Placement-Paper -14 Aug 2012

Hi friends ,this is Nibha.

I sat for Atos Origin in my college campus on 14 august 2007.I was very disappointed becoz I sat for so many companies but did get selected anywhere yet I didn't loose my hope so friends dont loose your hope if u dont get placed in some companies there is definitely some better waiting for u ahead.
I cleared written. It was of 75 minutes test.40 quest. from logical regining very simple but some time consuming(R.S Agrawal),30 from quant.simple and  tough mix(R.S Agr.) and 30 from english synonyms,antonyms,preposition,common errors,comprehension etc a bit tough. You need time management
after that technical round interview.
there was a lady. she asked my resume.
she asked about my project in detail. i explained
diff between java and c++.
pointers why do we use pointer?
She asked Polymorphism.
then virtual function with example.
inheritance,dynamic binding,
primary key,foreign key
normalization its type.
How to relate two tables.etc....
I answered all questions with example.
she was very much satisfied with my answer.
then in hr interview she asked
tell me about yourself.
family background
educational background.
strength and weekness why?
there were 28 students selected in written, finally they selected 6 and I became very glad when i heared my name in that.
finally i got my dream job.
Atos is a very good company work hard, dont loose hope, be optimistic.you will succeed.
All the best.

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