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Category : Electronics
Website : http://global.kyocera.com/
Headquarter : Kyoto, Japan
Founded : April 1, 1
Employees : 71,489
Founder(s) :

About Kyocera -

"To be a creative company that grows continuously." This is the Kyocera Group's ideal. Although steady growth can be difficult to achieve in an era of rapid change, our goal is fixed. Growth is our mission, and creativity is our greatest asset.
"Create. Change. Gr

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Selection Procedure of Kyocera -

Kyocera Recruitment Process.

1.logical resoning 25 que(25 minutes)
(propositions and etc.but very simple).

2.Analytical reasoning) 25 que(20 minutes)
(7 questions in apti and etc.simple)

3.Mental ability 20 que (15 minutes) maintain

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