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Google Inc visits IIIT Allahabad recently

Its a anyones dream to join Google, world most preferred employer. GOOGLE India recently visited IIIT Allahabad campus for final placement.


Offer by the company:



B.Tech (IT/ECE)

Profile Offered




CTC: 13 LPA Approx.


Placement Process Detail:

GOOGLE INC followed the procedure of coming up with a shortlist based on CGPA (%age).

The process followed by GOOGLE INC was:

1) Written test
2) Personal Interview

3) Onsite interview in Hyderabad


Total 5 rounds of interview


Result: 3 (IT-2, ECE-1)

Google Interview Questions:



What is the Space complexity of quick sort algorithm? How do find it?

What are dangling pointers?

How do you search for a word in a large database?

You have given an array. Find the maximum and minimum numbers in less number of comparisons.

Most of questions are best on programming and project done during B.Tech are quite important as Google put quite emphasis on project you have done during interview rounds.